1200 mm Mid-Size Drone GD-23XU

 Medium-sized drones (GD-23XU) are designed to increase efficiency, including fast flight preparation and long flight times. For strong and reliable flight performance, it uses efficiency-specific motors, carbon frames from Gryphon Dynamics, and AL60 series aluminium. The lightweight frames also significantly extend flight times. In particular, GD-23XU applies a motor boom patented technology with a heat dissipation unit to reduce the burden of ESC heat generation during long flights. Drones developed for medium-sized industries can fly for a long time and can carry up to 10 kilograms of luggage.

Motor boom with heat dissipation parts

 The GD-23XU is equipped with a motor boom technology with a heat dissipation unit, a patented Gryphon dynamics technology, in order to reduce the probability of failure and error due to heat generated by the electronic transmission when flying continuously. By having a heat dissipation unit on one side of the outer side of the drone’s arm that can quickly cool the heat generated by the electronic transmission, the electronic transmission is built into the motor boom to minimize the impact on thrust loss. In addition, the lightweight design helps secure flight time by using a motor boom with a heat dissipation unit without a separate attachment for the electronic transmission.

Distribution board with integrated power supply and signal cables

 The integrated distribution board for multicopters, a patented technology, is designed to operate a variety of power sources in various equipment without having additional wiring and additional BECs. Two 12Vs and two 5Vs are basically output, which helps reduce the weight of drones. It is also designed to reduce mutual interference and minimize the impact of geomagnetic fields with centralized wiring.

Folding System

The arm part adopts a cross-folding method to minimize the folding size and facilitate movement and transportation. The folding part is secured firmly and securely using AL60 series aluminum and bolt-type lock knob fastening, and 3 minutes is sufficient to prepare for flight.

Unfolded Size : 1562mm X 1562mm X 436mm (incl. propellers)
Folded Size : 598mm X 598mm X 436mm
(Dimensions vary depending on propeller and landing gear)

Quick battery disconnection system

 The Quick battery disconnection system supports fast battery mounting and removal and provides unshakable mounting when mounting the battery.

Efficiency-specific thrust systems

 The GD-23XU uses a high-thrust but efficient thrust system to load up to 10kg of payload and fly for a reasonable amount of time. It is an optimized thrust system for delivering between 5kg and 10kg of packages, or medicines.


  • Frame type : OCTO Quad (8 Motors)
  • Size : 1200mm (Motor to Motor)
  • Aircraft weight : 14kg (Frame : 8.8kg + Battery 5.2kg , Excl Payload)
  • Recommended Payload : 2~8kg
  • Batteries : 2 Battery (Lipo 22.2V 22A X 2pcs)
  • Voltage : DC 22.2V (Li-po 6S)
  • Wind resistance : 12m/s
  • Horizontal Maximum Speed : 17m/s
  • Vertical Maximum Speed : Up 4m/s, Down 4m/s

Flight time


Take Off weight

Estimated Flight time



25~30 minutes



20~23 minutes

(Specifications may change depending on the firmware version and parts such as motors, propellers, and transmission.)