Drone for inspection of the construction sector

 The Inspection drone is equipped with a Sony a7RM5 camera equipped with 61 megapixels and a 35 mm full-frame sensor. It is a drone that takes precise images of the structure from a free angle of 180′ above and below, and uses a distance sensor to prevent collisions of the drone in dangerous situations.

 It is easy to move and store even with a high-weight shooting camera, gimbal, and [front, rear, left and right] distance sensor. It adopts a foldable structure and unfolds during flight by folding and unfolding when stored. The simple preparation process for folding and unfolding allows you to complete your flight preparation in three minutes.

Gimbal system

 Let me introduce the gimbal of Gryphon Dynamics. Designed to maximize the performance of a professional camera, the gimbal has completely overcome wind-induced tremors and tilt of the aircraft by adding excellent vibration control along with the performance of Tilt Angles -90 to +90 (180′) and Roll Angles: -40 to +40 (80′). In addition, the tilt performance of the gimbal allows for free and stable vertical shooting.

high-definition camera for inspection

 Sony a7 RM5 Camera, which is completely compatible with Gryphon Dynamics’ Inspection Drone
 It is equipped with 61 Megapixels and a 35mm full frame sensor.
It can detect about 0.03mm of microcracks hidden in the outer wall of the building or the lower part of the bridge in the shade, and its excellent 61 megapixels provide clear and precise details even in dark places.

Anti-collision sensor

 The anti-collision sensor mounted on the inspection drone of Gryphon Dynamics is responsible for horizontal and upper safety and dramatically reduces the rate of collisions occurring in obstacles that have not been identified by the person in charge or where GPS is not received.

Quick battery disconnection system

 The Quick battery disconnection system supports fast battery mounting and removal and provides unshakable mounting when mounting the battery.


  • Aircraft weight : 13kg (Frame : 9kg + battery : 4kg, Excl. Payload)
  • Batteries : 16000mAh x 2 (LiPo 6S, 22.2v)
  • Wind resistance : 12m/s
  • Horizontal Maximum Speed : 12m/s
  • Vertical Maximum Speed : Up 4m/s, Down 3m/s.


  • Motor to Motor : 1000mm
  • Unfolded : 700 x 700 x 410mm (LxWxH)
  • Folded : 650 x 500 x 410mm (LxWxH)

Flight Time

  • 15 ~ 20 min (With Camera and Gimbal)
  • 25 ~ 30 min (No payload)