Introducing GD-200X, The heavy-lift cargo model

 The GD-200X is designed to fly while carrying heavy weight cargo. The high-quality Hyper carbon frame produced by Gryphon Dynamics shows its durability and does not bend easily even when flying with a heavy cargo loaded under the drone.

 Also, by using a high-voltage lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 32A, it shows impressive performance by being able to fly stable for about 25 minutes even while loading cargo of 40kg. Even when its unloaded, it shows the maximum speed of 14 m/s.

 In addition, the quad-octo type propulsion system enables stable landing even in emergency situations. Currently, GD-200X is used in various industrial fields such as cargo drones for transportation such as pharmaceutical, fire fighting, forestation, or construction materials.

Hyper Boom & Connector optimized for carrying heavy payload

 Gryphon Dynamics’ booms and connectors are manufactured in-house using high-quality materials. By manufacturing in-house instead of purchasing from other companies, we used materials optimized for drones to produce a more durable product that can withstand heavy cargo.

 Gryphon Dynamics’ unique octagonal boom design is more resistant to bending than a regular circular boom. The frame is made of high-strength CFRP, adding extra durability, but is also very light, only weighing about 16g per inch. In addition, AL7075 was used for the connector, which is very light and strong and also used in aircraft.

 The size of the aircraft is large enough to lift heavy cargo, but the folding structure has been adopted to make it easy to store. You can fold it up for storage and unfold it for a flight.


 The folding and unfolding process take short, so you can make your drone ready to fly in less than 5 minutes. A lock knob system was adopted for the hinge area, which could be vulnerable to vibration during flight, to minimize the vibration difference between both sides of the hinge.

Unfolded Size:1695mm X 1695mm X 1150mm
Folded Size : 1200mm X 900mm X 1150mm

(Width X Depth X Height/ excl. propellers )

Battery Container System

 Introducing Gryphon Dynamics’ battery container. Battery containers protect batteries from the external environment and are especially effective in winter.

 Each battery container contains a 45.6V, 32A lithium-polymer battery. The battery container has a one-touch lever, allowing it to be easily attached and detached along the rail. Additionally, there is an external balance port, so you can easily check the voltage per cell of the battery.

 The GD-200X airframe has 10 rails for battery containers. Depending on desired specifications, 8 or 10 battery containers can be installed.

Propulsion System

The quad-octo type(X8) propulsion system has two motors mounted up and down on each arm. This type of propulsion system can generate higher thrust relative to the frame size. Also, this system prevents the drone from falling and helps it land safely by using the thrust of the motor on the other side even if one motor fails.

8 propulsion systems
Motor power : 16kW/motor
Propellers : 47 * 18 (diameter * pitch, inch)
300A ESC


  • Frame type : OCTO Quad (8 Motors)
  • Size : 2400mm (Motor to Motor)
  • Aircraft weight : 138kg (Frame : 62kg + 10 battery containers : 76kg, Excl. Payload)
  • Recommended Payload : 10~50kg
  • Batteries : 10 battery containers (HV LiPo 22.8V 32A X 20 pcs
  • Voltage : DC 100V (HV Li-Po 24S)
  • Wind resistance : 12m/s
  • Horizontal Maximum Speed : 17m/s (60km/h)
  • Vertical Maximum Speed : Up 4m/s, Down 3m/s

Flight time

PayloadTake Off weightEstimated Flight time
10kg148kg36 minutes
20kg158kg31 minutes