Power distribution board for OCTO(GPD-1000CTP)


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Power Distribution Board(GPD-1000CTP)

For OCTO Multicopter (Equipped with 16 pair of 3.5mm plug)



– Up to 8 ESC/Motor can be connect to the Board

– 260A (Continuous), 320A (Peak)
– 2 layout with 2oz(70um) Copper Dual PCB.

– Gold plated with black soldermask

– Φ64mm body mounting

– 1 PCB plate for(+), 1 PCB plate for(-)

– Weight : 85g
– Size : 105mm x 105mm


1000CTP3 1000CTP4 board1 board2 board3


It is possible to combine with the Power Disc BEC.

disk5 disk6 disk9