Core PCB [GPD-2012HX-2Pin]


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Core PCB  for  HEXA,OCTO Frame(V2)

(Core PCB + 14AWG Silicon wire 600mm)


1 x Core PCB (For Inner Boom)

1 x Core PCB (For Outer Boom)

2x Red Silicon Dampers

6 x Screws

4 x 3.5mm Bullet Connectors

2 x 3Pin Signal Wire


The meaning of the GPD-2012HX 2Pin and GPD-2012HX 3Pin

2Pin means the ESC attached to the Outer Boom.

3Pin means the ESC attached to the Center Plate.

* Please choose one you want to order.(2Pin or 3Pin)

 HJ5A2076    HJ5A2089 HJ5A2091