GD-23 OT


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What is the RTF(RTF : Ready To Fly.)

The RTF, which is the one of our superlative service, will provide you to improve business quality.

Our superb engineer will provide the convenient experience with carefully selected propulsion system and optimized assembling, wiring.

Just simply plug on the power and fly it away. Enjoy the experience the power of the Heavy Duty industrial drone

  • We can provide RTF not only GD-23 OT also other frames.
  • Propulsion system can be changed by 3rd parties supply.



◆ Recommened

Dimension                 –  1,450mm

Payload                     –  10kg

Battery                       –  12s ( 6s Li-Po x 2pcs )

MTOW                       –  23kg
(Maximum Take off weight)


GD-23 OT More Information…


◆ Package : GD-23 OT + DJI A3

Required : Battery , Transmitter and Receiver

◆ Package : GD-23 OT + DJI A3 +LB2

Required : Battery



◆ Frame

Airframe No.               –  OT-1450
Dimension                  –  1,450mm
Center Plate D           –  320 mm (2T)
Prop size Limit           –  20”(inch) limit
Material                      –  Carbon + Aluminum


Continuous Current    –  60A
Operating Voltage      –  50.4V 12S Li-Po

◆ Motor

KV                              –  170 KV
MAX Power(W)          –  1,700W

◆ Propeller

Diameter x Pitch         –  20” x 6 inch
Material                       –  CF + Epoxy

◆ Ability (functions are optional)

Waypoint, Return to Home, D-GPS, Retractable Landing Gear,
Customizing, Canopy, Weather Proof, FPV, GIMBAL System ETC.

◆ Flight Parameter

Payload                      –  10 kg
MTOW                        –  20 kg
Maximum Velocity      –  60 km/h (limited)