Introducing GD-120X, The heavy-lift cargo model

 The GD-120X is designed to fly while carrying heavy weight cargo. The high-quality Hyper carbon frame produced by Gryphon Dynamics shows its durability and does not bend easily even when flying with a heavy cargo loaded under the drone.

 It also uses a battery container with two 22A batteries to load 30kg of cargo and fly reliably for about 25 minutes for impressive performance. It also shows speeds of up to 14m/s when unloading.

 In addition, the quad-octo type propulsion system enables stable landing even in emergency situations. Currently, GD-120X is used in various industrial fields such as cargo drones for transportation such as pharmaceutical, fire fighting, forestation, or construction materials.

 The GD-120X was certified as an excellent product by the Korean government and also obtained a K mark that certifies Korea’s performance and quality. In addition, it obtained a 17m/s wind tunnel test, vibration test, and KC radio wave certification to confirm the safety and excellence of the drone.


  • Frame type : OCTO Quad (8 Motors)
  • Size : 2400mm (Motor to Motor)
  • Aircraft weight : 138kg (Frame : 62kg + 10 battery containers : 76kg, Excl. Payload)
  • Recommended Payload : 10~50kg
  • Batteries : 10 battery containers (HV LiPo 22.8V 32A X 20 pcs
  • Voltage : DC 100V (HV Li-Po 24S)
  • Wind resistance : 12m/s
  • Horizontal Maximum Speed : 17m/s (60km/h)
  • Vertical Maximum Speed : Up 4m/s, Down 3m/s